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    Emercoin Trading

    What is Emercoin?

    Emercoin Coin, or “Emer” for short, is a decentralized blockchain project that allows immediate payment to people all over the world and is based on peer-to-peer technology and operates without central monitoring.

    The Emercoin Coin cryptocurrency is one of the world’s leading block chain and currency platforms which enables users to exchange money and valuable information, regardless of location and time. The service is fast, safe and inexpensive.

    About Emercoin

    Emercoin is a blockchain platform. Since 2013 it has developed a wide range of easy-to-use dSDKs. dSDK (Decentralized Software Development Kit) is a set of software development tools that allows the creation of software, services and solutions. Usually, it includes APIs, technical documentation and parts of code for fast and easy development on a certain platform.

    dSDKs are already implemented in numerous innovative technical solutions built on the blockchain. Emercoin offers services that have a potential to change the way different industries operate, providing means for data protection, secure storage of information, and creation of distributed services.

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